Turnaround Time

The majority of my products are made to order, including semi-custom pieces.

Due to the variety of orders I accept, my turnaround time depends on what you're ordering and can be up to 6-weeks. Semi-custom orders available on the site usually do not take more than 4 weeks to process.

I allot a minimum of 7 business days out of the timeline to the shipping of ordered materials.  Unless you are ordering the semi-custom pieces available on the site, each order will have it's own timeline and processing time. I strive to complete all orders as soon as possible! And I appreciate your patience and understanding.

I encourage you to plan accordingly if you need a specific product done by a certain time. Rush orders create room for mistakes and errors. 

***I will adjust acceptance on any rush orders during the holiday seasons. I recommend placing orders in a timely matter to ensure you receive your product by the time you need them.***